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You can play the simulator by clicking on the 8 icons and the 3 pink buttons around the Tamagotchi console. The three pink buttons, from the left to right, are labled A,B, and C.

[A] is the select button: you can choose to feed Tamagotchi a meal or cake (which is a snack).
[B] is the submit button: make a decision.
[C] is the cancel button: abort your selection.

When Tamagotchi lives on earth for one day, it can gain one year older. If you offer more meals or snacks, it'll gain weight. Discipline shows Tamagotchi's ability to obey orders and behave. "O" indicates a postive score and "X" is a negative score. ie. "O O O X" means the score is 3 out of 4.

Offer Tamagotchi meals or snacks by clicking the [A] button and select a meal or a candy and click on the [B] button.

Try playing games with the Tamagotchi. This game is called "Atchi muite hoi" which is popular in Japan. Just predict which side - right or left by clicking [A] for left and [B] for right - the Tamagotchi will face. If you can guess correctly which direction Tamagotchi would face, it'll have a better mood.

When Tamagotchi is ill, a skull will pop up on the screen. You should then offer it an injection.

When you find Tamagotchi's droppings on the screen, you should clean up after it with the rubber ducky button.

You should scold Tamagotchi when its discipline becomes poor. Otherwise, it will grow into different shapes based on its personality.

The light bulb button is inactive in this simulator. There is no screen for the scale button since all information is displayed above the console.

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