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  The Story of Dragonball
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A small child named Cacarot was sent to Earth from the planet Vegeta. Once he arrived on Earth, a man found him in the wilderness, and raised him until he grew up. This man had given Cacarot, who he named Son Goku, a special gift called a Dragonball. Legend has it that if you collect all seven Dragonballs, a dragon will show up and grant any wish you want.

Ever since the man died, Goku has lost the Dragonball many times, and has since been on many quests to recover this precious treasure. On his adventures, he has met lots of different people, who he became friends with. Later on, he ends up training under a mystical martial arts master, Master Roshi.

Goku and his new friend, Krilin, later learned the art of Kame. Ever since then Goku has trained under many people and has become stronger. Along the way he meets new friends, Piccolo, Tian, Chousu, Yamcha, and etc. He is now not just looking for Dragonballs, but protecting the Earth.

Later he gets married with Chichi and has a son name Son Gohan. Gohan is perhaps the strongest warrior on earth, and it is evident in his childhood years. Later, the warriors encounter a huge threat, Vegita, and barely defeats him.

The story goes on from there, Dragonball Z, which is after Goku grows up, is divided into about 3 sagas. The first being the Freeza Saga, in which the Z warriors fight the evil Freeza on the planet Namek. The second is when a mad scientist Dr. Gero invents a creature made from cells extracted from Goku, Vegita, Piccolo, Tian, Yamcha, Gohan, and Trunks (Vegeta and Bulma's son). Cell is a devastating monster and it takes Gohan to turn Super Saiyan to defeat him. The last saga is the Buu saga, where all of the warriors fight Buu, a pink, rather friendly looking villain.

A main part of Dragonball are saiyans. Goku and Vegeta are the only pure saiyans, while the most powerful Gohan, Goten (Goku's 2nd son) and Trunks are half saiyans. When these warriors become enraged, their skills increase drastically and their hair turns yellow.

Another Dragonball epic is called Dragonball GT, where Goku is turned into a kid and has interesting adventures with many new characters.

This is the best manga I have ever read for its interesting plot and awesome pictures. The anime movies are also breath taking. The action is superb!


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